The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

“It’s Not A Fragrant World” – Raymond Chandler

August 26th, 2010 in About Joel by Hawthorne Plumbing0 Comments

Besides plumbing, I’ve recently rekindled a love for film noir with trips to Movie Madness to re-watch some of my favorites, such as Double Indemnity, The Big Sleep, and Maltese Falcon. I’m not opposed to the more contemporary Chinatown or LA confidential either.
It is hard not to fall in love with the sharp dialog and the obsessive references to booze, dames, and California. Here’s one of my favorite exchanges from Double Indemnity:

Phyllis: I was just fixing some ice tea; would you like a glass?

Walter: Yeah, unless you got a bottle of beer that’s not working.

My wife tells me the books are even better. I don’t know how I seemed to miss these, so now I’ve put some Raymond Chandler on hold at the library. What are your favorite hard-boiled novels and films? Any recommendations?