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Replacing Fixtures

February 22nd, 2011 in Blog by Hawthorne Plumbing0 Comments

Selecting A Fixture

In the Portland metro area there are several showrooms that offer a variety of main stream and boutique fixtures. Fixtures generally fall into three categories: the Cheap, the Reliable, and the High End.

The Cheap – small price tag at a big box store

  • Advantages: Cost
  • Disadvantages: Not repairable, highly unreliable, typically unattractive

The Reliable – the big names at a reputable plumbing supply vendor

  • Advantages: Reliability and repair-ability
  • Disadvantages: Fewer style and finish options

The High End – European designs purchased on-line or at fixture boutiques

  • Advantages: Unique and pleasing designs
  • Disadvantages: High cost, questionable reliability, repair parts difficult to find

If you need a faucet or sink installed or a new toilet or shower valve we are here to help. Pick out a fixture and have us install it. We are happy to answer your questions.
Doing it yourself

Home improvement stores offer a variety of fixture selections for the handy homeowner. It is what they have built their business on. You don’t have to be a plumber to install a faucet or a toilet.

If You DIY, Make Sure A Plumber Is Plumber Is Available

However, we recommend you attempt this job on a day when you can get a plumber easily – mornings are better than late on a Sunday night. Most of the time these jobs go easily, but if you encounter a problem, you may have to turn off the water to your whole house until the problem is fixed. In particular, be careful with shut-off valves under your sink or at your toilet. These are often at risk for breaking off with disastrous consequences.