Replacing Pipes (Re-Piping)

Replacing pipes or “re-piping” is frequently recommended for older plumbing systems. It is the best solution for persistent problems such as low “pressure,” slow drains, rusty water, stained fixtures, as well as ongoing leaks and drips.

The problem:

Over time, galvanized pipes corrode. This results in reduced volume (“pressure”), debris in the water supply, and damage to faucets and valves. On the waste side, corrosion may cause slow drains and frequent clogs. Ultimately, the integrity of the pipes are compromised placing carpets, drywall, and hardwood floors at risk as well.

The solution:

The best way to solve current, and numerous future problems, is by replacing old water lines that supply your home’s fixtures. Several minimally invasive solutions are available for house re-piping.

Hawthorne Plumbing & Pipe Replacements:

Hawthorne Plumbing carefully works with you throughout the pipe re-placement process. We have experience using a variety of materials for water lines including copper and PEX systems, and can provide customers with the pros and cons of each. We will review permitting, water access needs during the process, and protection for your home from debris and dust. At the end of each day you will have a functional and clean home.

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