Water Heaters

Water heaters are often the most forgotten appliance in the home, and yet they are possibly our most important. We depend on them in so many ways: bathing, dish washing, hand washing, laundry. Service calls for water heaters typically fall into two categories: emergency calls and a scheduled replacement or maintenance. Over time, water heater tanks corrode causing leaks and ruptures. When this occurs, immediate replacement is necessary (unless you are very good friends with your neighbor). These water heaters are not repairable and require immediate replacement.

Replacement: Homeowners have many options for water heaters when they schedule a water heater replacement before there is a problem. Many home owners choose to upgrade at this time. In particular, many people are taking advantage of tax credit related to energy saving high efficiency models.

Maintenance: Most water heater manufacturers recommend annual service to extend the life of the water heater. Guidelines are provided based upon the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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