Toto Drake Toilet Review

August 31st, 2010 in Blog by Hawthorne Plumbing0 Comments

To many homeowners’ frustration, poorly designed toilets became epidemic when federal water conservation laws went into effect in 1992. Toilets formerly flushing with 3.5 gallons were suddenly cut down to 1.6 gallons without significant re-design.

When a toilet cannot move the contents through its line, the bowl overflows leaving you with a very dirty problem. Toilets with poor designs are quick to overflow. They can’t flush a rose pedal with out a fight. If you live in a house with one bathroom this is a very big deal.

Not All Toilets Are Created Equal

If you go to Home Depot toilets are available for as little as $50, but you get what you pay for…often more of the same. Not all toilets are created equal.

I recommend, hands down, a slightly more expensive, but infinitely more dependable toilet. Enter the Toto Drake. I have installed at least a hundred of these toilets – two of them in my own home.

Why They Remain at the Top of the List:

  1. Nice finish – the high gloss is easy to keep clean.
  2. High-quality fit and finish; components work together seamlessly
  3. Strong flushing power
  4. Reliability – failure of components is unusual
  5. Neutral design – compliments both vintage-style and modern fixtures
  6. Good return on investment, when you consider all factors

Get a Toto. With a nice soft-close seat, you won’t believe you lived without it.