clogged water pipe

Cause of Clogs

August 20th, 2010 in Blog by Hawthorne Plumbing0 Comments

You have probably wondered at some point it time (probably after an overflow) what causes drains to become clogged? Here is a short list of the top clog culprits:

  • Corrosion in older drain pipes – not uncommon in older homes with galvanized drain lines.
  • “Unauthorized” material – hair balls, chicken bones, tampons, dental floss, diapers, cell phones, etc…
  • In sewer lines this may include root intrusion.
  • Improper drain installation – These types of drain lines may be back-graded, poorly supported, unvented, and so on. Incorrect installation will result in unrelenting drain problems.

As with most problems it is most efficient and cost-effective to resolve the underlying cause rather than persistently tackle the symptoms.

And, please remember, if you are attempting to clear a clog on your own, use caution. At its best, clearing a clog can be a gross experience; at its worst, it can be downright dangerous.